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Made by Shadow Link

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What is this?

This countdown clock was made in order for all Jammers to better keep track of the time remaining for the GMC Jam.

How it works

No matter where you live, this clock will always calculate the time remaining using UTC time, meaning there will be no confusion over Daylight Saving Time.

What it does

Before the GMC Jam, it will countdown the time until the Jam. When the Jam begins, the page will auto-refresh only ONCE. This is to update the theme (sorry, no nifty AJAX for now). The theme is pulled directly off of the forum topic, so if it's not updated there, it won't be updated here. If the theme is not shown after the Jam begins, wait a few moments for the Jam coordinator to update the post and refresh the page.

Can I trust this?

Absolutely! I made this clock because people were having confusion about start/end times. Not only did they have to convert their local time to UTC and take into account Daylight Saving Time, but the times were posted as "Friday 12:00pm", so people didn't know if that meant the Thursday's midnight or Friday's. This clock has been around since Jam #2! The only time it has been "wrong" was when people thought it was an hour off, but that was because some other countries were observing DST.


While this clock IS accurate, keep in mind that it's not the "official" clock used by everyone for the Jam. This is just a helpful tool. Other people's computers may be a couple minutes off, so never work on your game until the last second. Always leave plenty of time to wrap your game up and upload. Happy Jamming! :)